Designer By Your Side

$2250 CAD

(Plus applicable taxes)

Do you need a professional to reach out to with questions about floor plans, selections and all the details of renovations and new builds? There are so many decisions to be made and it can be oh so overwhelming. We can support you in a variety of ways:

  • Reviewing floor plans and layouts and millwork drawings

  • Guide you when planning kitchens, bathrooms and mudrooms

  • Sourcing finishes such as counters, flooring and tile

  • Choosing paint colours and lighting, inside and out

  • Reviewing quotes and orders

  • On site walk throughs and more

The package is sold in 15-hour increments.

Don't delay, get the advice you need at an early stage in your project, ideally before plans are being drawn up, or at the latest when they are the process.

Note: this service does not include product ordering, project management, designer discounts and specific selections. But we can accompany you to the suppliers and assist with selections. We can also come on site to help you identify issues, decide on lighting locations, and other crucial decisions and more.